Oleo-Mac GS35C Chainsaw


Compact Petrol Engine Chainsaw 

  • Ensures maximum efficiency and minimum expenditure of time and energy.

  • Practical and easy to use.

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Power/Displacement 2.0 HP – 1.5 kW/38.9 cm3
Bar length 35 – 41 cm/14″ – 16″
Oil pump Automatic/zero flow rate at idle speed
Oil/Fuel tank capacity 0.26 L/0.36 L
Dry weight without chain & bar 4.6 kg


The new GS 35 C (EURO 1) and GS 350 C(EURO 2) chain saws are powerful 38.9 cc chain saws capable of developing 2.0 HP / 1.5 kW. Targeted at the entry-level user, they incorporate special technical solutions which enhance their quality, cutting performance and compliance with anti-pollution legislation. The result of in-depth research aimed at understanding the real needs of the target user, these machines deliver high-tech solutions, outstanding cutting performance and simple operation at an affordable price. User-friendly control is assured by numerous details, including – icons on the engine cover showing the operations to perform for quick and safe starting – primer device positioned in full view near to the starting handle – ON-OFF switch, choke and half-throttle control incorporated into a single multifunction lever, for practical and simple operation – transparent oil and mix reservoir for immediate display of the level – chain brake lever with 2 fixing points. The new engines underline the technological credentials of the machine and are designed to reduce emissions of noise and unburned hydrocarbons (HC+NOx). They ensure low running costs and respect for the environment, particularly in the GS 350 C (EURO 2) version with catalytic muffler


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